The grand Cricket event - ICC World T20 starts on September 18 and everything is almost set to start. Here I'm suggesting the ways in which you can get live update of the tournament.

You can get the live update using T20 World Cup 2012 Live Streaming, Live Score or Live TV Broadcast.

1. T20 World Cup Live Streaming

You can get the live streaming of the match from different websites like ESPN3 in USA and ESPN3 in Scotland. More details on ICC World T20 2012 Live Streaming.

2. T20 World Cup Live Score

You can get the live update using Live Score too. You can enter into Live Score page of Cricket CC for instant score update of every match. More details on T20 World Cup Live Score.

3. T20 World Cup Live TV Broadcast

You can get the live TV broadcast of the matches from different TV channels. ESPNStar is the primary broadcaster of the tournament. More details at TV Channels which broadcast T20 World Cup 2012 Live.

Using any of these options detailed above, you can enjoy T20 World Cup 2012 Live.

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