Privacy Policy of Cricketcc.blogspot.com :

Cricket CC has following privacy policies for the viewers who use this blog.

Log Files

Log files contain information like IP addresses, ISP, browser type, date/time stamp, referring site, no. of clicks etc. The information from the Log Files will not be misused and leaked in any case.

External Links

Our blog uses some sort of external links so that the users will get more knowledge on searched topic. After leaving our blog and entering into other external links, we're not responsible of any things you do on those blogs. They do have their own privacy policies.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Cricket CC doesn't use the cookies for its own use but the advertising partners may use the cookies stored on users' browsers. Advertisers like Google Adsense use cookies to serve ads on this blog. It uses the DART cookie to serve advertisement based on user’s interest and previous interaction. We don't have any control over these cookies as they are used by third-party advertisers. If you don't want your cookies be used in any case, you'll have that option on your browser.

If you want any other feedback and have queries regarding Privacy Policy, you can contact the administrator of this blog at cricgossips@gmail.com.

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