Champions League T20 - 2012 is set to begin from 9 October, 2012 with total of 10 participating teams in the main tournament. The Qualifying stage comprises of 6 teams from which two get ticket for the main tournament starting at 13th October. This tournament is regarded as the first tournament to feature a Pakistani team for the first time. We're giving the full fixtures and match schedule of this tournament.

Here is the complete fixtures / schedule of CL T20, 2012 :-

Qualifying Stage :

Yorkshire vs Uva Next - 9 October

Auckland Aces vs Sialkot Stallions - 9 October

Auckland Aces vs Hampshire Royals - 10 October

Trinidad and Tobago vs Yorkshire Carnegie - 10 October

Trinidad and Tobago vs Uva Next - 11 October

Sialkot Stallions vs Hampshire Royals - 11 October

Main Tournament :

Titans vs Perth Scorchers - 13 October

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Delhi Daredevils - 13 October

Kolkata Knight Riders v TBD - 15 October

Titans vs TBD - 17 October

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Perth Scorchers - 17 October

Delhi Daredevils vs TBD - 19 October

Perth Scorchers vs Delhi Daredevils - 21 October

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Titans - 21 October

Perth Scorchers vs TBD - 23 October

Delhi Daredevils vs Titans - 23 October

Chennai Super Kings vs Sydney Sixers - 14 October

Highveld Lions vs Mumbai Indians - 14 October

Sydney Sixers vs TBD - 16 October

Chennai Super Kings vs Highveld Lions - 16 October

Highveld Lions vs Sydney Sixers - 18 October

Mumbai Indians vs TBD - 18 October

Highveld Lions vs TBD - 20 October

Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians - 20 October

Chennai Super Kings vs TBD - 22 October

Sydney Sixers vs Mumbai Indians - 22 October

Group A winner vs Group B runner up - 25 October

Group B winner vs Group A runner up - 26 October

Final - TBD vs TBD - 28 October

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  • T20 cricket champions league is a stage where the best players in the world accumulate for a ferocious battle and this is the stage where epics are written, history is created and thrillers are exhibited to leave the world spellbound.Till now i have watched all the matches of it and I’m sure up coming matches will be unforgettable. The final match i’m going to watch at TGI Fridays in Mumbai. May the best team wins who put their hard work and efforts in it.

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