I am giving the IPL 5 Final Preview of KKR vs CSK playing on Sunday. The match preview of the grand finale of IPL 2012 is covered in this post. Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings are the team which are in the DLF IPL 2012 Finals.

KKR vs CSK in IPL 2012 Final Preview

KKR in IPL 5 Final Preview
Kolkata Knight Riders is the second team on the points table while entering into the playoffs. It made a win over the first team; Delhi Daredevils which has increased its confidence lot. So the preview of KKR for IPL 2012 finals is in the positive direction.

CSK in IPL 2012 Final Preview
Chennai Super Kings is the 4th team on the points table. But, we should admire the luck of CSK very much. It entered into the playoffs by luck and playing finals too by its luck. Since luck is in the positive way of CSK, we can say that the preview of CSK is also very much positive for IPL 2012 Final.

Full IPL 5 Final Preview and Prediction - CSK vs KKR Preview
We should be optimistic in very ways. Luck plays great role in most cases and in Cricket matches like IPL 2012 too. We've seen the luck is in the side of Chennai Super Kings as it entered into the Playoffs in the dramatic way. So, we predict the IPL 2012 Final match to be won by Chennai Super Kings. The preview of CSK for DLF IPL 5 finals is very good, as we think.

It is the complete preview of IPL 2012 Final of CSK vs KKR that is being played on Sunday.

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  • why dont u say match is fixed by CSK instead...they dont have luck..its all match fixing....now matter what KKR will win for sure....

  • What you said is not the reality. You can't blame them. CSK has a very good luck, its not match fixing. CSK's luck will be seen on today's match too. Look forward.

  • Well I believe Chennai has been very lucky too. They somehow got to the playoffs and it was pure luck because if RCB would have won against DC then Chennai wouldn't even be playing. Also in the playoffs they were very lucky, against Mumbai and Delhi. I hope KKR will win but I believe too that Chennai has a great chance of winning by luck and also its in their own stadium.

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