Today is the day for two kings of Cricket in India where IPL 2012 Final is going to be celebrated. From the evening to night, India will burst out with the joy of watching IPL 2012 Final Cricket live. Along with the IPL 5 final, the closing ceremony of IPL 2012 will be with us. Many leading actors and professionals from different sectors of India will attend the closing ceremony of IPL 5.
As per we know, Salman Khan is going to perform at the closing ceremony of IPL 2012. Some say, Shahrukh Khan will be absent at the closing ceremony only due to this reason that Salman Khan will be there.

Actors at IPL 5 Closing Ceremony
Along with Salman Khan, other leading actors from India will be performing at the IPL 5 closing ceremony. Priyanka Chopra, Beyonce and Amitabh Bachchan will be there to celebrate IPL 2012 closing ceremony.

Watch IPL 5 Closing Ceremony Live
After the grand Final match of CSK vs KKR live, the closing ceremony will start. The closing ceremony of IPL 2012 will be aired live at S-Max TV to watch live.

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