We are having joy of watching IPL matches. But, have you thought about predicting the matches of Indian Premier League? Well, we can predict the cricket matches of DLF IPL 5 through internet. A website named SportGuru lets you to predict the winner among two teams playing the match of IPL 5.
SportGuru is a social sports predictor. It predicts other different sport matches too. But, it has shown its importance in this Indian Premier League 2012 season too.
To use SportsGuru, you've to register first and then you can have log in access. After logging in, you can predict the T20 matches of DLF IPL 5. SportGuru says, "Its free, fun and addictive".
If you want to predict the winner of upcoming cricket match of IPL 5, then just enter to http://www.sportguru.co.uk/ipl and you'll find out other steps yourselves.
After predicting the winner of the T20 matches of Indian Premier League 2012, kindly let us know what did you predict through the comments.

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