Nepal plays Singapore on ICC World Cricket league div 4 opener. Nepal has previous experience of becoming 3rd in the division four of the year 2010. Nepal should grab its 1st or 2nd position to get promoted into the division 3. The division 3 is scheduled to be played on 2013 at Bermuda. If it maintains the position of 3rd or 4th, then it will play in the Division four of 2014. In the worst condition, if Nepal fails to maintain its previous position and drops to position below 4th, then it will get relegated to Division five of 2014.

Nepal competes against the host Malaysia and other countries Singapore, Tanzania, USA and Denmark on the series. Denmark and USA are relegated from the Division 3, 2011 while Singapore and Malaysia are promoted from Division 5, 2012. Tanzania and Nepal both are from the Division 4, 2010.

Paras Khadka maintains the captain-ship of Nepali team and Gyanendra Malla is appointed as the vice captain of the team. The Under 19 players Prithu Baskota, Pradeep Airee, Rahul Bishwokarma and Subash Khakurel are also playing through National team in this division. Similarly, some experienced players like Binod Das and outstanding players like Shakti Gauchan will try to give the superb performance on the series.

If Nepal becomes able to maintain the bowling pace as usual and improves its batting capability, there's no doubt for it to enter into the final. The final of the division will be played on 10th September and the finalists will be promoted to 2013 Division 3.

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